INFJ and ENFJ Personality Types

Relationships can both be the boon or bane for everyone that goes into it. It has existed along with human life since time immemorial yet we seem to have not yet perfected any part of it, nor even get close to any semblance of familiarity with which we can say we are able to predict its eventual outcome.

We women play the greater role in any relationship as we are the nurturers and the bastions of strength that really makes any relationship plausible. We somehow feel how to go about with one and we also have control over many aspects of it. Ever tried letting the men take over a relationship? Yes, those creatures have the knack of ending things and they certainly can’t keep any relationships by themselves. They need us to take charge eventually.

But we also need all the help we can get with regards to relationship success. One such alley we can look at is the different kinds of relational structures according to different personality types. These things describe a person’s nuances as they gauge how well they can do if eventually matched with other types of personality.

It may intimidate at first but it’s relatively easy if you get the hang of it, and to give you an example let us take into consideration two kinds of relational pairing based on personality types: INFJ relationships and ENFJ relationships.

INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)

This personality type is often referred as the protector for its tendency to be a nurturer among other things. INFJ people have rather strong value systems and live their lives according to what they think is right rather than conform to the norm and what other people say. They are always looking inside themselves for inspiration and use intuition greatly in every aspect of their existence. They somewhat have a “feeling” for things and is generally devoted to other people they have connections with.

INFJ Weaknesses

They always hold back on themselves and are never good with money or other seemingly mundane essentials. They have extreme aversion to disputes and disagreements, and have difficulty dealing with such when faced with them. They have an exceptionally high expectation of themselves which makes them vulnerable when things don’t work out as they planned.

ENFJ (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)

ENFJ’s are “the givers” amongst the personality types. They live externally much unlike INFJ’s who focuses inwardly. They do pretty well in dealing with other people that they are the charmers of society. They naturally see what makes other people go and use it in their sincere dealings with them. They have very well developed people skills and they use it to bring out the best in people that they deal with, they are also very supportive individuals that are very happy encouraging others.

ENFJ Weaknesses

They tend to overdo their nurturing and come out as over protective and controlling on some cases. They have their attention mostly fixated on others that they forget about themselves and suffer because of it. They tend to always blame themselves when things go wrong and don’t generally accept other’s opinion when it goes against their own.

Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend

Women always tend to give their all when they are in a relationship and sometimes it can be to their ultimate undoing. One really can’t tell if the relationship will be what they imagined it to be, so giving your all opens you up to potential abuse with which you might not really be aware of, and which you really don’t deserve.

It is not the problem of how to get over someone or how to leave an abusive relationship really. Instead it is of you recognizing you already are in one and of you putting a stop to it immediately. You didn’t go into a relationship to get punished or feel uncomfortable right? So knowing the signs of an abusive partner certainly helps wake you up somehow and hopefully also makes you think if it is in your best interest to continue on with the relationship.

Here are some of the signs of an abusive partner, be guided and always be on the lookout for them.

He Isolates You

He doesn’t want you to be with other people, even your friends. He is an over controlling boyfriend who just wants you to be focused only on him and do things with only him. He gets very disappointed when you go out and have fun without him, and when you bring him with you when you go out with friends, he’ll make sure you all get a rotten time.

He is Jealous All the Time

He always finds things to be jealous about. You really can’t talk or do things with any other male person, even if the person is your friend whom you have known even before you have a boyfriend, without him getting jealous of it. You get to the point where you really don’t know what else to do to make him not mad at you. Relationships are based on trust with one another but he seems to have none of it.

Verbal Abuse

He raises his voice with you when he is upset, which was not the case when your relationship started. His pent up frustrations are released by shouting rather than standard conversations. This you have to watch out for as this is the beginning of him showing his true self. Women are supposed to be loved and pampered, not shouted at.

Breaking Objects

His seemingly violent ways towards inanimate objects, especially when done while in anger or frustration, is a big clue to what he really is. That violence towards random things may well soon translate into you and you’ll be on the receiving end of his madness. At this point you should really consider leaving, way before you get harmed or something.

Emotional Control

He controls you with fake emotions meant to show his purported sensitive side. He’ll cry his heart out the times you threaten to break up with him and it’ll get better for a while, but he will be back to his old self in no time. Learn how to read between the lines and see through him and what he really is.

There are no sure fire ways to have a good relationship, but knowing how to call it quits when you are already not contented with one takes skill as well as courage. Always remember that you are in a relationship to be happy not sad. When you are already suffering from it, don’t wait for things to get better, it’s time to get out of there pronto!

Women Can Fish

Now whoever said woman can’t fish? There are only a couple of things a woman cannot do and you can count them in one hand, fishing fortunately isn’t one of them. Gone are the days when fishing is exclusively a man’s enclave as women have been steadily gaining ground among its population. In fact women are better suited at this exercise as we exhibit better control at resisting our urges as well as an overabundance of patience, that which is typically needed to be good at this sport.

Women once upon a time with regards to fishing, was only relegated to the kitchen to clean the catch of her man, or to the factories, packing into cans the days catch, or just in charge of collecting bait for the days fishing trip, but those days are pretty much over as women take a much larger role in this sector than once was available to them.

Now there are women fisher folks that go out to sea to catch fish, out there catching lobster, herring, tuna, and any other oceanic life that you can think of. There are already women captains on boats with all male crews, women running the factories which produce canned fishes, women doing research in aquatic environments, women guarding the oceans and the seas, women everything. If they can do it, so can we, and much better at that.

If your view of women, with regards to their relationship to fisheries, as only capable of watching Pictus catfish swim around the bottom on an aquarium, then you are dead wrong in your assumptions. If you happen to have watched the show River Monsters on the Discovery Channel then you wouldn’t really be saying that women can’t catch big catfishes with their bare arms as catfish bait, as they do quite well at it, unfortunately I can’t say the same to the men who have tried it.

Fishing is defined as the activity of catching fish, simple as that. Fishing could also be described as catching any other creatures which usually inhabits the waters of the world such as mollusks, crustaceans, cephalopods and other things. It may either be through trawling, casting of big nets, casting long lines, spearfishing, or it may also be done with a simple stick and line with bait at the end.

At no point in reading the definition do people come upon a passage which says that only men are allowed to do fishing. So it is really questionable on why the large rolling eyes on the men around when a woman comes up to fish? Does it mean that when the heavens distributed fishing know-how to the earth, that only the men were awake to catch the blessings? That might not be the case once women get their minds into it.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Next time your hubby tells you that he is going fishing with his pals, surprise him by saying that you want to go too. Expect seeing some writhing around trying to explain you out from going, but try to stand firm and be serious about it. Fishing is a very relaxing thing meant to be enjoyed by everyone, you won’t regret coming.

You and Your Hair

Women on the go seldom have time for little things like hair care so they usually suffer problems related to it. Not taking care of our hair properly develops unnecessary problems, which can easily be prevented, if we only devote a little time out of our daily routine to it. Many women complain about hair worries yet do not do anything to address the source of the problem, and only do so once the problem gets out of hand. Do not be another victim. Know about different hair problems and make sure you are not heading for them.

Common Hair Conditions

Head Lice

Head lice are parasites found on human hair. It can be spread from direct contact with an infected person or from sharing of combs, caps, towels and other things belonging to an infected person. You know you have head lice when you often feel something small walking on top of your head and also if you experience severe itchiness on the area. Head lice are severely contagious so it is recommended that you immediately deal with the problem by either consulting with doctors or self treatment by way of medicated shampoos.


Dandruff is the flaking of the skin on a person’s scalp. Even though it is not particularly contagious nor a significant condition, it is very humiliating to have it. Dandruff is caused by either excessively dry skin, irritations on the scalp, not washing and shampooing regularly, fungus, or by sensitivity to some commercial hair products. Dandruff is often treated by daily washing with a gentle shampoo. For more severe cases, medicated shampoos and antifungal drugs are recommended.

Scalp Folliculitis

Scalp Folliculitis is the swelling of hair follicles in the head caused by either dirt, bacteria, yeast or mites. It is characterized by tiny red pustules containing either blood or pus, sometimes both, and is a very itchy condition to have. Folliculitis often breakout in the frontal hairline and middle scalp which also often leaves hardened crusts of skin, more like scabs on scalp, after the cessation of activity. Scalp Folliculitis is best treated by regular washing of the hair with a mild shampoo and the application of topical antibiotics and other antifungal products, more tips can be found here.

Hair Loss

Although natural and can’t really be stopped especially if you are hereditarily predisposed to it, its progress can be slowed a bit. Particular attention to responsible hair care is a must if you were to enjoy your hair for a longer time. Excessive pulling of hair, blow drying, chemical treatments, rough combing, and too much wearing of headgear do great damage to the hair and must be decreased if not totally eliminated. A healthy lifestyle and drinking plenty of fluids also does wonders to a person’s hair.

Hair care need not be rocket science as only sensible attention is required for it to last. Not doing things that may destroy the hair is a start in the right direction, also is maintaining good hygiene. Take good care of your hair and it will be your crowning glory for a long time.

Causes of Itching in the Armpits

If you are a lady, there is one malady or affliction which is sort of the most embarrassing of all, itchy armpits. Honestly speaking, if there is something that itches in any part of your body that even if you tried very hard to control scratching at it, chances is that you will eventually. What makes it all the more dire is when that place which is itching is your armpits, as we really wouldn’t dare scratch at that place if anyone else is around, much less in public.

Kidding aside, the armpits together with the wrists and the ankles form the three most common areas where pruritus or itchiness of the skin, forms. Besides the common causes of itchiness such as insect bites, allergies and other things, there are in fact, several conditions and diseases which have it as its symptom, they are as follows.

Axillary folliculitis

Axillary folliculitis is what happens when one or more hair follicles in the armpits become infected. It is often bacteria that are the culprit with Staphylococcus aureus being the primary suspect. It is exhibited as small pimple-like swellings that might contain pus, which usually clears itself out within days, but do also get to be rather itchy as sweat usually is prevalent in the area.


Intertrigo is when rash develops on integumentary surfaces that are also part of skin folds. It often exhibits itself in the groin area, lower body and the armpits. Itching is the main symptom of Intertrigo happening but sometimes the crusting of the skin in the area with corresponding bad odor and oozing of fluid also may happen. One common form of Intertrigo is diaper rash and contributing factors of it are a person being obese, diabetes, improper sanitation and heat among other things.

Axillary lymphadenopathy

Lymphadenopathy is the swelling of the lymph nodes of a particular area of the body. Axillary is the anatomical word used to describe the armpits, hence, axillary lymphadenopathy. Lymph nodes usually occur when there is an infection on the quadrant where the lymph nodes are present, which also is exhibited by a feeling of a small lump under the skin where the lymph node is located, itching, and general low grade numbness in left arm or right arm whichever the lymph node is located.

Tinea axillaris

Ringworms on the armpits really will get you itching in no time. Ringworm development in the armpit is very conducive as the area has unlimited moisture, a dark surrounding, and is actually the hottest place on the human body.

Axillary hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is the disruption of the sweat glands in the human body. It is most common in only three areas in the body, namely in the palms of the hand, the soles of the feet, and under the armpits. Hyperhidrosis, although not really known what causes it, is attributed to the sympathetic nervous system that is in charge with the body’s dealing with stresses such as the proverbial “fight or flight” reflexes. The excessive sweating does not really contribute to the itching but the sloughing of the skin due to too much moisture does.