Don’t Give These Things to Dogs

Does your dog hesitate and stare at you during feeding time? Does he begrudgingly finish all the food in his bowl just because that’s all there is that is available to him? You may feed him lots and lots of dog food but is he happy with it? Well you won’t be either if you keep eating the same things day in and day out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can feed him something new, something tasty perhaps?

Women’s lives are very hectic to say the least, but we really need to take some time-out for those that are dear to us. Our pet’s diet certainly deserves some attention, as it is one way of making them happy about something besides petting and playing with them. You should see the happiness reflected in a dog’s eye the moment he is chewing on a juicy steak or perhaps even pizza, and chances are you would be happy too.

But you really shouldn’t feed your dog just about anything as there are actually several human foods that are deadly to them. So try to be wacky when feeding your dogs and think of foods they might enjoy, just remember to stay clear of these things when thinking of what to feed them.

Food that are Harmful to Dogs

Avocado – Can dogs eat bananas? Yes, in fact it’s good for them. Apparently not so with avocados as they contain a substance called Persin which are toxic to dogs. Guacamole also is a no go.

Alcoholic Drinks – Nope, you can’t drink with your dog as they too feel the side effects of alcohol, but on a much worse scale as only a few drops of it causes immediate vomiting and loss of coordination. It may even lead to coma and eventual death if consumed in large amounts.

chocolateChocolate – Yes, no chocolates for Fido this Valentine’s day, or ever. Chocolates cause irregular heart rhythm in dogs and more chocolate will lead to eventual kidney failure and death. Apparently the dog’s body can’t process the chocolate.

Garlic and Onions – Both causes irregularities in the dog’s blood which usually leads to anemia and other blood diseases.

Grapes and Raisins - Grapes causes dehydration and kidney failure to all members of the canine family, wine is alcohol and alcohol is really bad for your dogs, you know that wine comes from grapes right?

Xylitol – Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in many food items such as candies, gums, and even cakes. Make sure you read all the labels of food items as you really don’t want to get your dog sick with fast dropping blood sugar levels, which eventually leads to liver failure.

Milk and other Dairy Products – You might also think that milk is harmless enough to be good for anyone even dogs. Milk and its byproducts apparently cause indigestion in dogs, as well as instant diarrhea because they lack a substance called lactase which breaks down the lactose contained in milk. Instead of milk, try using fish oil for dogs as fish oil delivers many benefits to dogs like rejuvenate their body hair, keep them away from suffering arthritis and other bone ailments, and also the strengthening of their immune system to name a few.