Have You Had Enough Already?

Are you always finding yourself stumped with your partner, that you constantly suffer from anxiety chest pains even if there is really nothing wrong at that given moment? Are you still hoping it would change for the better and praying very hard that the love you found at the start is still there and just buried under tons of misgivings and disappointments? Do you feel guilty of giving it all up, that you would not do it? Or are you ready to give up and just waiting for the right time to do it?

Such are the problems women face when they are in a not so good relationship, as women typically are the ones solely responsible of keeping any relationship together. So when is it really enough and already time to move on? And how do you go on doing it eventually?

How to Get Out of a Bad Relationship

  1. Stop Day Dreaming and Face the Facts

First step is to really have to see your relationship for what it really is and what it is doing to you. You no longer are happy being a part of it so it has to be stopped else you are going to ruin yourself in the long run. Stop living in denial and start looking out for yourself, as no one else besides your family will love you the way that you must love yourself.


  1. Write Everything you can About your Relationship

Put everything into writing as it is very hard thinking about something if you only access it in your mind. Write it all down on a piece of paper so that you have something tangible to look at, so that you will also see that what you are feeling is real, as real as the paper you wrote it on. Write everything, as in everything you feel about your relationship. Every bad thing that seems to happen always, every relationship anxiety you experienced, every bad thought and wrong intentions that were done, and especially all the reasons that make you want to go out of your relationship.


  1. Do the Job and Fill the Gap

Plan when you will eventually do it and follow it through. Chances are that by this time you have finally made up your mind and no amount of persuading will make you turn around and comeback. It is the end and both of you have to live with it. You have tried but failed so there is really nothing else to do but move on.
Try and do something else to keep your mind busy and away from the hardships of separation. The things you used to do are no more and will never be back again, so it’s really time to find something new to fill the void left by separation. Surround yourself with good friends, do that hobby that you have always planned on doing, go to church, spend time with your family, and anything else under the sun just to keep your mind away from the past.


  1. Self-Affirmation

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here”. You are beautiful and special as special can be. You don’t need others to make you happy as you yourself are more than enough for that. Go back to that little girl in you and find happiness in everything as today is the start of something new. Forget about the past and welcome a new tomorrow, you most certainly deserve it.