Dealing with Stretch Marks

The stretch marks that you see on your body happened because of the sudden weight gain that you experienced at one time or another, stretching the skin to its limits, straining the elasticity of the connective tissues contained in them which in turn causes their breaking and eventual destruction. The skin and the connective tissue in them do heal in time, but the damage has been done and you are left with unsightly striations on your skin, stretch marks.

Women do seem to have the majority of incidence of stretch marks that occur in people as they experience the most volatile surges of hormones exhibited in a human being. Men grow stretch marks only when they get fat or when they build muscles as in body building, women on the other hand, in addition to basic incidence of stretch marks as that of men, start to form stretch marks during puberty, up until her eventual pregnancy, and ultimately during old age.

So it is of utmost importance amongst us women to know how to deal with these things properly and finally. That’s why our group made this research with the aim of helping every woman on this earth never to worry about stretch marks again. Here are the three important things we found out about dealing with stretch marks:

  1. Use What You Use Daily

No it’s not a riddle or something profound. It simply says that you must persevere with the cream, lotion, moisturizer, or what-have-you that you are using and stick with its daily use. Rome really wasn’t built in a day, same as with the removal of stretch marks. You would not see improvements on your skin immediately, it takes time.

Don’t know what to get for your stretch marks? Search for the things that contains the most collagen, scleroprotein, and organic material you can find as they work quite well against stretch marks.

  1. Exfoliate Regularly

How to remove stretch marks? Easy, exfoliate them a layer at a time. Exfoliation speed up the clearing of old skin cells replacing them with new healthy skin. Just remember to make sure to be a little easy on the skin, as it has been through a lot and that’s why you are helping it get rejuvenated in the first place. Use mild cleansers that have abrasive properties such as baking soda and finely grounded almond or walnut seeds on areas with stretch marks. The operative word here is gently.

  1. Rubdown

Last but certainly not the least, massaging the areas with stretch marks on them proves to be real effective in their removal. Massaging apparently helps dissipate scars on the skin as well as improve blood circulation in the given area and is seen also as effective therapy for the skin. Apply very minimal pressure when massaging, especially with stretch marks on breasts and neck, and just enough to feel the push in the muscles. For added potency, use your specialized creams and lotions while massaging to get the most value. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.