Help for High Heels

Women and a sprained foot, sounds familiar? Yes it does seem to happen with regularity, what with our penchant for wearing high heels and other footwear that severely taxes our God given wheels. We can’t really help it as it is already an established norm for us and formality dictates us wearing them all the time. So faced with this predicament, what do we do now?

Well, these problems really doesn’t seem to stop us a bit from wearing the things, some tips are therefore needed to at least lessen their impact on our bodies, particularly on the feet. Our group gathered some worthwhile advices from our members, who at one time suffered from the bane of high heels, but are now enjoying them sans the problems that usually comes with them. Here are some of their thoughts about the matter.




Wear the Right Size of Shoes

This is self-explanatory as nobody really has reason to wear shoes that are not their size. Correct size heels for your feet already causes problems, how much more for ill fitting ones. Women have to measure the width and the length of their feet every year as they do grow and change shape even in adulthood. Replacement of well-worn high heels also is a must, as they eventually change their form because of daily wear and tear.

Pick the Ones with the Thicker Heels

Avoid using thin heeled high heels like those skimpy stilettos as much as possible as they make the feet work very hard in controlling balance in the area. They offer very little support to the feet and make the ankles wobbly from always trying to compensate. Some dresses and suits beg for stilettos to be worn with them, you can, actually, but make sure to get off them as soon as possible and change into more stable footwear.

Take Breaks from Time to Time and Stretch your Feet After

Have the time to kick off your shoes and stretch them throughout the day, the more the better. It restores severely impinged circulation in the area, tingling feet, and also lessens your chances of getting cramps. Massaging the area is also highly recommended.

Be Mindful of Posture when Wearing High Heels

One must be confident when wearing high heels as that is the primary reason for these kinds of shoes. They somehow give the wearer the aura of credence and sophistication, which are invariably lost when one slouches or have bad form. It also adds to the pressure on your feet when you slouch as they kind of are put into an unnatural position, which then makes them work doubly hard to maintain the stability and integrity in the area. Always remember to keep your shoulders back and the tummy tucked in and walk on an imaginary straight line in front of you. Bend your knees slightly when you walk, never locking them in place after every step, and sway the arms while walking to help with balance.