Common Diseases of Women

The group recently had the consensus of putting together an instructional of sorts about women’s health. In it is discussed several kinds of sickness, mostly symptoms of them that is, which women has some sort of monopoly over, or tend to suffer from constantly. These afflictions are generally taken for granted much of the time that it betrays the seriousness of them.

They are the silent symptoms women generally just brush off not knowing how important they are to their health. It is then true to our goal of women empowerment that we help them be free from the things that seem to weigh them down, sickness and disease included. Here are a few examples of several illnesses that are often overlooked by women.


Many a woman suffers from this disease nowadays that it is almost taken for granted most of the time. In fact more than half of all diabetes sufferers are woman and they can thank their diet for it as everything edible today is either very overly processed or outright synthetic in nature. Silent symptoms of impending diabetes includes, but are not limited to, frequent urination, excessive thirst, sweet taste in mouth, dry mouth, blurring of vision, weight loss, fatigue, and headaches. If you happen to have more than two of these symptoms present at one time then chances are very high that you already have diabetes.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is one particularly silent killer of a disease, especially with women, as they don’t show any overtly obvious symptoms of them already happening. But there are certain things with which one may notice as out of the ordinary and they may prove to be already the signs of heart disease. Things to watch out for includes shortness of breath, feeling of heart murmurs or palpitations, frequent nausea and dizziness, profuse sweating even when it’s cold around, metal taste in mouth or dysgeusia, anxiety attacks, chest conditions such as squeezing, heaviness, pressure, and pain in the area, and also the feeling of general weakness of the body. Heart disease progresses quickly so it is of great importance that if you notice any combinations of symptoms stated above, to see your doctor the soonest possible time and get yourself checked out.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer among women has been gaining a lot of ground lately and although there is already a vaccine for the ones caused by HPV (human papilloma virus), it still is a common disease contracted by women of all ages. Typical symptoms of ovarian cancer includes, but is not limited to, abdominal bloating, pain in the abdomen, frequent bouts of constipation, constant urination, feeling of fatigue, getting full easily when eating, and increase in the size of the area of the abdomen. Ovarian cancer is also hereditary, so if any member of your immediate family has had it, chances are you are also susceptible to it.

Understanding women’s health really is never easy, but if one is generally knowledgeable about it and knows what to really look for then they have a better chance of fighting or preventing their occurrence. Everyone needs all the help they can get apparently.