INFJ and ENFJ Personality Types

Relationships can both be the boon or bane for everyone that goes into it. It has existed along with human life since time immemorial yet we seem to have not yet perfected any part of it, nor even get close to any semblance of familiarity with which we can say we are able to predict its eventual outcome.

We women play the greater role in any relationship as we are the nurturers and the bastions of strength that really makes any relationship plausible. We somehow feel how to go about with one and we also have control over many aspects of it. Ever tried letting the men take over a relationship? Yes, those creatures have the knack of ending things and they certainly can’t keep any relationships by themselves. They need us to take charge eventually.

But we also need all the help we can get with regards to relationship success. One such alley we can look at is the different kinds of relational structures according to different personality types. These things describe a person’s nuances as they gauge how well they can do if eventually matched with other types of personality.

It may intimidate at first but it’s relatively easy if you get the hang of it, and to give you an example let us take into consideration two kinds of relational pairing based on personality types: INFJ relationships and ENFJ relationships.

INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)

This personality type is often referred as the protector for its tendency to be a nurturer among other things. INFJ people have rather strong value systems and live their lives according to what they think is right rather than conform to the norm and what other people say. They are always looking inside themselves for inspiration and use intuition greatly in every aspect of their existence. They somewhat have a “feeling” for things and is generally devoted to other people they have connections with.

INFJ Weaknesses

They always hold back on themselves and are never good with money or other seemingly mundane essentials. They have extreme aversion to disputes and disagreements, and have difficulty dealing with such when faced with them. They have an exceptionally high expectation of themselves which makes them vulnerable when things don’t work out as they planned.

ENFJ (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)

ENFJ’s are “the givers” amongst the personality types. They live externally much unlike INFJ’s who focuses inwardly. They do pretty well in dealing with other people that they are the charmers of society. They naturally see what makes other people go and use it in their sincere dealings with them. They have very well developed people skills and they use it to bring out the best in people that they deal with, they are also very supportive individuals that are very happy encouraging others.

ENFJ Weaknesses

They tend to overdo their nurturing and come out as over protective and controlling on some cases. They have their attention mostly fixated on others that they forget about themselves and suffer because of it. They tend to always blame themselves when things go wrong and don’t generally accept other’s opinion when it goes against their own.