Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend

Women always tend to give their all when they are in a relationship and sometimes it can be to their ultimate undoing. One really can’t tell if the relationship will be what they imagined it to be, so giving your all opens you up to potential abuse with which you might not really be aware of, and which you really don’t deserve.

It is not the problem of how to get over someone or how to leave an abusive relationship really. Instead it is of you recognizing you already are in one and of you putting a stop to it immediately. You didn’t go into a relationship to get punished or feel uncomfortable right? So knowing the signs of an abusive partner certainly helps wake you up somehow and hopefully also makes you think if it is in your best interest to continue on with the relationship.

Here are some of the signs of an abusive partner, be guided and always be on the lookout for them.

He Isolates You

He doesn’t want you to be with other people, even your friends. He is an over controlling boyfriend who just wants you to be focused only on him and do things with only him. He gets very disappointed when you go out and have fun without him, and when you bring him with you when you go out with friends, he’ll make sure you all get a rotten time.

He is Jealous All the Time

He always finds things to be jealous about. You really can’t talk or do things with any other male person, even if the person is your friend whom you have known even before you have a boyfriend, without him getting jealous of it. You get to the point where you really don’t know what else to do to make him not mad at you. Relationships are based on trust with one another but he seems to have none of it.

Verbal Abuse

He raises his voice with you when he is upset, which was not the case when your relationship started. His pent up frustrations are released by shouting rather than standard conversations. This you have to watch out for as this is the beginning of him showing his true self. Women are supposed to be loved and pampered, not shouted at.

Breaking Objects

His seemingly violent ways towards inanimate objects, especially when done while in anger or frustration, is a big clue to what he really is. That violence towards random things may well soon translate into you and you’ll be on the receiving end of his madness. At this point you should really consider leaving, way before you get harmed or something.

Emotional Control

He controls you with fake emotions meant to show his purported sensitive side. He’ll cry his heart out the times you threaten to break up with him and it’ll get better for a while, but he will be back to his old self in no time. Learn how to read between the lines and see through him and what he really is.

There are no sure fire ways to have a good relationship, but knowing how to call it quits when you are already not contented with one takes skill as well as courage. Always remember that you are in a relationship to be happy not sad. When you are already suffering from it, don’t wait for things to get better, it’s time to get out of there pronto!