Women Can Fish

Now whoever said woman can’t fish? There are only a couple of things a woman cannot do and you can count them in one hand, fishing fortunately isn’t one of them. Gone are the days when fishing is exclusively a man’s enclave as women have been steadily gaining ground among its population. In fact women are better suited at this exercise as we exhibit better control at resisting our urges as well as an overabundance of patience, that which is typically needed to be good at this sport.

Women once upon a time with regards to fishing, was only relegated to the kitchen to clean the catch of her man, or to the factories, packing into cans the days catch, or just in charge of collecting bait for the days fishing trip, but those days are pretty much over as women take a much larger role in this sector than once was available to them.

Now there are women fisher folks that go out to sea to catch fish, out there catching lobster, herring, tuna, and any other oceanic life that you can think of. There are already women captains on boats with all male crews, women running the factories which produce canned fishes, women doing research in aquatic environments, women guarding the oceans and the seas, women everything. If they can do it, so can we, and much better at that.

If your view of women, with regards to their relationship to fisheries, as only capable of watching Pictus catfish swim around the bottom on an aquarium, then you are dead wrong in your assumptions. If you happen to have watched the show River Monsters on the Discovery Channel then you wouldn’t really be saying that women can’t catch big catfishes with their bare arms as catfish bait, as they do quite well at it, unfortunately I can’t say the same to the men who have tried it.

Fishing is defined as the activity of catching fish, simple as that. Fishing could also be described as catching any other creatures which usually inhabits the waters of the world such as mollusks, crustaceans, cephalopods and other things. It may either be through trawling, casting of big nets, casting long lines, spearfishing, or it may also be done with a simple stick and line with bait at the end.

At no point in reading the definition do people come upon a passage which says that only men are allowed to do fishing. So it is really questionable on why the large rolling eyes on the men around when a woman comes up to fish? Does it mean that when the heavens distributed fishing know-how to the earth, that only the men were awake to catch the blessings? That might not be the case once women get their minds into it.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Next time your hubby tells you that he is going fishing with his pals, surprise him by saying that you want to go too. Expect seeing some writhing around trying to explain you out from going, but try to stand firm and be serious about it. Fishing is a very relaxing thing meant to be enjoyed by everyone, you won’t regret coming.