Lionhead Rabbits, Quite Lovely Pets

If women were to keep rabbits as pets, the Lionhead Bunnies will always rank high among the many bunny breeds, as the rabbit of choice. Lionhead rabbits are of the newer breeds of rabbits here in the USA and by golly do they look stunning. And as the name implies, they do look like miniature lions with their flamboyant crop of mane and fully developed muzzle, which definitely will enchant anyone who had the luck to chance upon any of them. But as with any pets that we might have, care should always be given to all aspects of having them. Here are some of the basics of owning one.

Choosing the best Lionhead Bunny for you

You might act unthinkingly and get the first Lionhead that you see, as they really are that gorgeous. But you really have to keep yourself in check in order to get the best bunny that is perfectly suited for you. As with any other animal pets, some may be a little wild for your tastes while others have temperaments, which may not be bad per se, but might not eventually be a match to you in the end. So care should be taken on first finding a reputable breeder that has a good track record in caring for Lionheads, and from there you can proceed to choose your bunny.

Choosing the right rabbit entails just a couple of things. First check its medical history and whatever shots it has already received, next determine the age if it is to your liking as well as its physical traits. Then handle the bunny physically, as you can fairly tell of its general health just from feeling it, making sure it is neither too skinny beneath its coat and do not have any markings or wounds of any kind.

Finally see if the rabbit do not react weirdly when handled as it may be a sign of not being tame enough or of abuse. Just make sure that the bunny and you will be agreeable with being together, as you would be doing it a lot in the future.

Preparing a home for your bunny

Before bringing your bunny home, you must first make sure it also has a house to call its own. Any rabbit cage that you can buy at any pet store will suffice, just make sure it has a feeding pan and also a water bottle installed. Cage bedding should be made of any soft cloth and a sort of covered area should also be installed on the first few days, to help the rabbit adjust to its new surroundings. Be careful not to release the rabbit on its first week as it may get spooked; just give him ample time to acclimatize.

Yes, owning a rabbit is really that easy. Maintaining one is also a breeze as it only needs to be fed with rabbit pellets, hay or alfalfa twice a day. Bathing can be done even many days apart as rabbits are particularly clean animals who are known to always licking themselves clean. Lionhead rabbits need daily grooming to keep their mane healthy looking and upright but is also okay if it’s done every other day. So what are you waiting for?Put down those magazines, get your groove on, and get yourselves a cute bunny today.