What Does It Mean To Be an Empowered Woman?

We often hear about woman empowerment and an empowered woman. And more often, they are associated with power. People have the common notion that an empowered woman is someone who is on top of her field or career or who is ahead of her pack. But this is only partly true. There is more to being empowered than power, prestige or position.

An empowered woman is a leader, innovator, role model and achiever. But she is not only present in the political or career arena. She can be a mother or someone who has a noble profession but has a dedicated life. To understand what an empowered woman really is, it would be good to understand why there is such as phrase.

In some societies, women are viewed as second-class citizens. They are not given the right to vote and to express themselves in public. More often, in these societies, they don’t get equal rights in education, jobs and other opportunities. They can also hardly pursue something they really want to. But some women like to live a different way of life. That is when women start to pursue empowerment.

Despite physical frailties, women are generally not helpless. An empowered woman knows that. Around the world, you can see them as leaders and decision makers in their families, communities, businesses and even in the government. A woman of empowerment enjoys personal, social, economic and political freedom. In most circumstances, these freedoms are not exclusive, but mutually reinforcing.

Personal empowerment means that a woman can pursue her personal desires whether in romantic relationships, career or goals in life. She is not controlled or limited by culture or society in terms of what she can do. Nobody tells her to marry someone she does not like, or to stop schooling when she wants to pursue further education.

Social, economic and political empowerment, on the other hand, means that she is recognized as an important member of the society. She may not be the richest person around, but she makes her own decisions regarding her resources. Her voice also makes an impact on others. She is respected for her opinions and ideas.

Social empowerment is more often achieved with education and government policy. One of its benefits is that it helps women avoid oppression, unfair treatment and exploitation, which are common in cultures where women are considered as second-class citizens. As for economic empowerment, a woman with significant resources oftentimes has the privilege to be also politically empowered. Not only do they have the right to exercise their vote, but some of them even run for political positions. That is why it is common nowadays to see women in many political seats.

It would be good if many women are empowered. But it is a sad fact that many are not. Many women still experience abuse even within their own family. Some women still do not receive equal rights than men. Moreover, women empowerment is not a quick transformation. It requires time before a woman can totally empower herself. If you are a woman, it could be your best goal to achieve woman empowerment.