10 Habits of Highly Empowered Women

In some culture and countries, women are not given the freedom to follow their own pursuits. We commonly hear of women being treated as second-class citizens and not given the same opportunities that men have, such as the right to education, pursue a career or vote. However, there are also cultures that allow women to take their own pursuits and encourage them to be empowered.

Generally, empowered women are women who excel in their chosen fields. They excel as a mother, teacher, engineer and even a leader. You will know that a woman is empowered by these 10 signs:

1. An empowered woman develops herself. She knows she cannot be successful unless she takes care of herself and develops certain talents or skills. She always strives to be the best she can be and is committed to a lifetime of personal growth and development.

2. She makes friends with other empowered women. There is a saying that iron sharpens iron. An empowered woman surrounds herself with other empowered women to be inspired and to learn from them.

3. She is not easily discouraged when things are not working in her life. She faces problems with calmness and confidence. Instead of complaining, she tries to find ways to solve her problems and challenges. And instead of blaming others, she takes responsibilities for whatever shortcomings she may encounter.

4. She is optimistic. An empowered woman sees every challenge as an opportunity for growth. More often, she sees something good in every bad situation. Furthermore, she focuses on positive things.

5. She constantly explores new possibilities. A woman of empowerment asks “why not?” in situations where there seems to be no other way. She finds her way out through every difficulty just to achieve her goals. Although she recognizes her limitations, she does not say “I cannot,” but asks “how can I.”

6. She knows her purpose and goal in life. She does not live without a purpose. She has a set of goals and purposes and is determined to fulfill them despite challenges.

7. She learns from her past. Whatever bad things that happened to her in the past, she does not allow them to define her present life. Instead, she learns from them and continues to move on. She is in total control of her life.

8. She also empowers other people. She is not selfish and takes everything for herself. By her actions, she inspires others. Moreover, she also goes the extra mile to help others improve their life and become empowered as well.

9. She honors commitment and responsibilities. She does her best to meet her commitments and responsibilities. But she knows how to delegate or ask others for help. She also has a good reputation by honoring her word.

10. She enjoys life. An empowered woman also takes time for leisure. She has a balanced life and gives time for her personal enjoyment, family and friends.

You will see an empowered woman for what she is. She is easily recognizable among the crowd by the ten habits listed above. It would be good for other women to also develop her habits.

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