10 Habits of Highly Empowered Women

In some culture and countries, women are not given the freedom to follow their own pursuits. We commonly hear of women being treated as second-class citizens and not given the same opportunities that men have, such as the right to education, pursue a career or vote. However, there are also cultures that allow women to take their own pursuits and encourage them to be empowered.

Generally, empowered women are women who excel in their chosen fields. They excel as a mother, teacher, engineer and even a leader. You will know that a woman is empowered by these 10 signs:

What Does It Mean To Be an Empowered Woman?

We often hear about woman empowerment and an empowered woman. And more often, they are associated with power. People have the common notion that an empowered woman is someone who is on top of her field or career or who is ahead of her pack. But this is only partly true. There is more to being empowered than power, prestige or position.

An empowered woman is a leader, innovator, role model and achiever. But she is not only present in the political or career arena. She can be a mother or someone who has a noble profession but has a dedicated life. To understand what an empowered woman really is, it would be good to understand why there is such as phrase.

In some societies, women are viewed as second-class citizens. They are not given the right to vote and to express themselves in public. More often, in these societies, they don’t get equal rights in education, jobs and other opportunities. They can also hardly pursue something they really want to. But some women like to live a different way of life. That is when women start to pursue empowerment.

Lionhead Rabbits, Quite Lovely Pets

If women were to keep rabbits as pets, the Lionhead Bunnies will always rank high among the many bunny breeds, as the rabbit of choice. Lionhead rabbits are of the newer breeds of rabbits here in the USA and by golly do they look stunning. And as the name implies, they do look like miniature lions with their flamboyant crop of mane and fully developed muzzle, which definitely will enchant anyone who had the luck to chance upon any of them. But as with any pets that we might have, care should always be given to all aspects of having them. Here are some of the basics of owning one.

Choosing the best Lionhead Bunny for you

You might act unthinkingly and get the first Lionhead that you see, as they really are that gorgeous. But you really have to keep yourself in check in order to get the best bunny that is perfectly suited for you. As with any other animal pets, some may be a little wild for your tastes while others have temperaments, which may not be bad per se, but might not eventually be a match to you in the end. So care should be taken on first finding a reputable breeder that has a good track record in caring for Lionheads, and from there you can proceed to choose your bunny.

Choosing the right rabbit entails just a couple of things. First check its medical history and whatever shots it has already received, next determine the age if it is to your liking as well as its physical traits. Then handle the bunny physically, as you can fairly tell of its general health just from feeling it, making sure it is neither too skinny beneath its coat and do not have any markings or wounds of any kind.

Finally see if the rabbit do not react weirdly when handled as it may be a sign of not being tame enough or of abuse. Just make sure that the bunny and you will be agreeable with being together, as you would be doing it a lot in the future.

Preparing a home for your bunny

Before bringing your bunny home, you must first make sure it also has a house to call its own. Any rabbit cage that you can buy at any pet store will suffice, just make sure it has a feeding pan and also a water bottle installed. Cage bedding should be made of any soft cloth and a sort of covered area should also be installed on the first few days, to help the rabbit adjust to its new surroundings. Be careful not to release the rabbit on its first week as it may get spooked; just give him ample time to acclimatize.

Yes, owning a rabbit is really that easy. Maintaining one is also a breeze as it only needs to be fed with rabbit pellets, hay or alfalfa twice a day. Bathing can be done even many days apart as rabbits are particularly clean animals who are known to always licking themselves clean. Lionhead rabbits need daily grooming to keep their mane healthy looking and upright but is also okay if it’s done every other day. So what are you waiting for?Put down those magazines, get your groove on, and get yourselves a cute bunny today.

Back Pain

What is this thing considered as a bane to many people both young and old, a sickness so common to everyone that it is treated as an inevitable part of living, yet everyone dreads its coming? No it’s not aging, although it may also be taken into consideration, but what we are referring to here today is none other than back pain, the seemingly quiet time bomb of advancing age.

Almost all people at some point of their life gets to experience it’s not so awesome glory with some unlucky ones taking more than their fair share. We of the fairer race are not really spared of this particularly debilitating affliction, as even if we are much stronger in the mind department, our bodies, unfortunately, are much frailer than the men ones.

Body compositions aside, there are several more reasons why we women are much more prone to suffering back pains than men. In fact, several noted studies states that women seem to suffer back pain more frequently and of a much more intensity than men. One reason they indicated was the role of women’s menstruation to the spasms that occur in the back. Another is the woman’s constantly fluctuating hormones that seems to help agitate the nervous system, which is in charge of controlling the body’s reaction and tolerance to pain.

A woman’s more brittle bones and much frailer body also greatly contribute to this dilemma, that an action which is easily done by men, takes greater effort from women. Greater effort means greater strain to the body, opening the door to various mechanical deficiencies from developing. Brittle bones on the other hand, are much more prone to breakage and discontinuity that it may even cause several conditions like sciatica and arthritis to commence.

Other common causes of back pain for women and their respective locations are as follows:

Lower Left Back Pain

  • Lower back strain
  • Pregnancy
  • Herniated Disc
  • Sciatica
  • Kidney Infections, Kidney Stones
  • Spinal Stenosis

Right Side Back Pain

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Improper Posture
  • Gallbladder Problems (stones, infections, etc.)
  • Slipped Disc
  • Lumbar Muscle Strain
  • Sciatica

Upper back Pain

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Joint Dysfunction
  • Muscular Irritation
  • Heart Attacks

With a variety of ailments available to start back pain, it really seems inevitable that we will have one in the near future. The only thing yet unknown really is from which of the conditions above will be its eventual cause. But women need not fret much about back pain as there are ways which we can do to lessen our chances of getting one.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise comes immediately into mind. Employing correct bodily posture and doing regular checkups also decreases, if not totally eliminates the likelihood of back pain from occurring. If and when back pain finally decides to happen, modern medicine has got your back with regards to various clinical procedures as well as potent drugs to help you somewhat lessen the pain of fighting back pain.

Knowing your body well and being relatively good to it does bring good results. Taking care of it and embracing all of its flaws eventually generate the balance which is typically needed for a well lived life. You really don’t have to be afraid of back pain.

Women Foot Problems

Women all over the world encounter problems with their feet on a regular basis. Being the fairer sex, it can’t really be helped that these things do arise in the course of daily living and such. So it is inherent of us to at least know about some of them, with the hopes of curing if not totally avoiding their happening in the first place.

Here we will try to discuss the most common problems with regards to women’s feet and also try to tackle several ways of rectifying the mistakes we are always wont to do, which eventually leads to having them. We don’t really have to suffer if we only know what to do.

Heel Pain

The biggest contributor to Plantar Fasciitis, more commonly called as heel pain, is the wearing of improper footwear. Improper meaning it is too big, too small, too high, too flat, or already damaged shoes amongst other things. The wearing of high heels in excess and without any break in between tops in ranking with the order of things for heel pain, so it is highly recommended that if you really can’t avoid wearing them, is that you bring extra shoes along to provide necessary relief to your tired feet. Rolling your feet on a bottle also gives comfort as well as stretching and icing your feet after a full day of being on them.


Bunions are those protruding swellings on either side of your feet. More common among women are the Tailors bunion which grows on the pinky side of the foot. It is often exacerbated by the wearing of tight shoes that seemingly compresses the toes towards the middle of the shoes mainly because that is the same mechanic by which a bunion is actually formed. Bunions are hereditary so better watch out for it if it runs in your family. For bunions not to swell, it is important to minimize its contact with the shoe by the wearing of specially designed shoe inserts and the best shoes for bunions typically are sandals which have openings on the toe side of the foot and also soft and well-padded loafers to name a few.

Corns and Calluses

Calluses and corns are sort of thickened skin that is formed when there is continuous rubbing between your foot and the shoe, or whatever it is that your foot comes in contact with regularly. Corns often form in between the toes while calluses usually occur at the soles of the feet and also the sides. They are often treated by grating them into pumice stones or other abrasive substances to thin them, while the use of skin softeners and moisturizers aims to hinder their eventual formation. But all of these things will not do any good if proper footwear is lacking or totally inexistent as it is them which is the cause of the formation of corn and calluses in the first place. One must look for snug but not too tight fitting shoes and also of measuring the feet at least two times a year, as the feet have the habit of enlarging a bit, especially when there is weight gain present or the subject is pregnant or any other premeditating circumstances.

Mothers Know Best

We all know that the mother’s role in the family is second to none as it is only to her where we all will go to when everything seems to fail. Truly a daunting task to be placed on the shoulders of only one human being, yet we are always amazed and wonder of how she could handle all of it with ease. Such is the life of a mother, that she really will give her all just so we can be whole.

On that note, we are fortunate to bring together several home treatments used and invented by mothers throughout history. Chances are you have benefited by them at one point or another, and it is our goal to pass it unto our readers so that these traditions will never die out. You will get something from reading this list of ours, we promise.

  1. Place a peeled onion at your bedside overnight when you have a cold or flu. It is believed that the onion will absorb all the germs in the room and leaves you feeling much better in the morning.
  2. Vinegar for sunburn really works as the vinegar has a cooling effect on the skin. It also has anti-microbial properties which will help heal the sunburn more rapidly.
  3. Drinking of two tall glasses of water when you wake up in the morning, before even brushing your teeth, do wonders to your health. Water therapy is believed to be a cure all. It is even good for losing weight.
  4. Tiger balm or peppermint oil on the head relieves achy heads.
  5. Coarse throat and raspy voice? Gargling warm salt water will deal with that in an instant.
  6. Warm compresses placed on a rather large pimple relieve the pain it causes as well as hasten it ripening.
  7. Soak your feet for about thirty minutes a day in water with crushed cloves of garlic plus vinegar to cure athlete’s foot and remove the bad odor.
  8. Tea tree oil dabbed on the scalp lessens dandruff occurrence.
  9. Placing duct tape on warts suffocates and dries it eventually.
  10. Chew on a gum to ease heartburn. Chewing gum apparently forces fluid back into your stomach thereby easing the discomfort from heartburns.
  11. Chew on ginger to relieve morning sickness related to pregnancy, also for motion sickness when travelling.
  12. Drink dandelion tea to get rid of water retention which causes your body to bloat.
  13. Put tongue on roof of mouth to relieve brain freeze. Apparently the warmth of the tongue alleviates the cold effect of what you consumed in the nerves of the mouth and sinuses.
  14. Drink warm milk for a good night’s sleep.
  15. Drink water infused with honey and a little bit of lemon to get rid of that nasty cough.
  16. Put vapor rubs on nails to get rid of toenail fungus.
  17. Put crushed garlic or perfume on a cotton ball directly onto an aching tooth to ease the pain.
  18. Put crushed alum on the armpits as a natural deodorant. It also naturally whitens dark armpits.

More to come…


Dealing with Stretch Marks

The stretch marks that you see on your body happened because of the sudden weight gain that you experienced at one time or another, stretching the skin to its limits, straining the elasticity of the connective tissues contained in them which in turn causes their breaking and eventual destruction. The skin and the connective tissue in them do heal in time, but the damage has been done and you are left with unsightly striations on your skin, stretch marks.

Women do seem to have the majority of incidence of stretch marks that occur in people as they experience the most volatile surges of hormones exhibited in a human being. Men grow stretch marks only when they get fat or when they build muscles as in body building, women on the other hand, in addition to basic incidence of stretch marks as that of men, start to form stretch marks during puberty, up until her eventual pregnancy, and ultimately during old age.

So it is of utmost importance amongst us women to know how to deal with these things properly and finally. That’s why our group made this research with the aim of helping every woman on this earth never to worry about stretch marks again. Here are the three important things we found out about dealing with stretch marks:

  1. Use What You Use Daily

No it’s not a riddle or something profound. It simply says that you must persevere with the cream, lotion, moisturizer, or what-have-you that you are using and stick with its daily use. Rome really wasn’t built in a day, same as with the removal of stretch marks. You would not see improvements on your skin immediately, it takes time.

Don’t know what to get for your stretch marks? Search for the things that contains the most collagen, scleroprotein, and organic material you can find as they work quite well against stretch marks.

  1. Exfoliate Regularly

How to remove stretch marks? Easy, exfoliate them a layer at a time. Exfoliation speed up the clearing of old skin cells replacing them with new healthy skin. Just remember to make sure to be a little easy on the skin, as it has been through a lot and that’s why you are helping it get rejuvenated in the first place. Use mild cleansers that have abrasive properties such as baking soda and finely grounded almond or walnut seeds on areas with stretch marks. The operative word here is gently.

  1. Rubdown

Last but certainly not the least, massaging the areas with stretch marks on them proves to be real effective in their removal. Massaging apparently helps dissipate scars on the skin as well as improve blood circulation in the given area and is seen also as effective therapy for the skin. Apply very minimal pressure when massaging, especially with stretch marks on breasts and neck, and just enough to feel the push in the muscles. For added potency, use your specialized creams and lotions while massaging to get the most value. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.


Most Common Diseases of Pet Cats

Cats are favorite pets amongst women as they seem the more feminine choice when compared to other pets such as dogs. They exude the allure and profess the secrecy that is common to womanhood and you can’t really seem to understand them, even if you try very hard to.

Cats, like women, are very hard to get, both figuratively and literally speaking, but if you manage to find their weaknesses then, whether if it’s for the better or not, they are yours for life.

Cats relatively tend to live long lives, not to mention their proverbial nine ones, but there apparently are some things that seem to disagree with that assumption. We’re talking about the various kinds of cat diseases that are very prevalent in the feline pet population of our country.

It is therefore very important to know about them if we are to protect our beloved pets from ever suffering from them. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so here are several examples of prevalent diseases in cats, know about them and be guided accordingly.


Roundworms in cats are intestinal parasites that are very common, that it is believed that almost eighty percent of all cats have it. They are acquired when a cat eats rodents or any other animals, or foods that harbor the worm or its eggs. It hatches and matures inside the cat’s body and can grow up to a length of four inches. Most kittens also have it as it is passed through the mother’s milk during breastfeeding. Symptoms of roundworm infection include weight loss, dullness of coat, inflated bellies, vomiting and diarrhea.


Cats get pancreatitis mostly through the consumption of food tainted with harmful substances such as pesticides and organophosphates. They can also get it thru direct trauma to the area where the pancreas is generally located, as well as from some kinds of viral infections. Symptoms of pancreatitis in cats include dehydration, chronic vomiting, rapid breathing, and lower than normal body temperatures. If many of these symptoms are exhibited by your cat, it is prudent that you bring him to the vet immediately as pancreatitis is the second most potent killer of cats.


You will know when your cat has mange. Mange in cats is characterized by patches of hardened skin that looks reddish and almost raw. There is no hair in the area of the patches and it is so very itchy, that your cat can’t resist scratching on it constantly. Mange is caused by tiny, blood feeding mites in the cat’s body which they got from other cats, even from dogs or any other warm blooded animals. The scabs are formed from continuous scratching at the area where the mites are, mainly because they excrete an enzyme to the cat’s skin when they are feeding.


Apparently diabetes is not only prevalent in humans but in cats as well. Feline diabetes cause is primarily from the diet of the modern cat which is rich in processed sugar as well as other synthetic additives. Symptoms of diabetes in cats mimic the human ones such as being always thirsty, weight loss, frequent urination, decreased appetite, and bad breath among other things.

Help for High Heels

Women and a sprained foot, sounds familiar? Yes it does seem to happen with regularity, what with our penchant for wearing high heels and other footwear that severely taxes our God given wheels. We can’t really help it as it is already an established norm for us and formality dictates us wearing them all the time. So faced with this predicament, what do we do now?

Well, these problems really doesn’t seem to stop us a bit from wearing the things, some tips are therefore needed to at least lessen their impact on our bodies, particularly on the feet. Our group gathered some worthwhile advices from our members, who at one time suffered from the bane of high heels, but are now enjoying them sans the problems that usually comes with them. Here are some of their thoughts about the matter.




Wear the Right Size of Shoes

This is self-explanatory as nobody really has reason to wear shoes that are not their size. Correct size heels for your feet already causes problems, how much more for ill fitting ones. Women have to measure the width and the length of their feet every year as they do grow and change shape even in adulthood. Replacement of well-worn high heels also is a must, as they eventually change their form because of daily wear and tear.

Pick the Ones with the Thicker Heels

Avoid using thin heeled high heels like those skimpy stilettos as much as possible as they make the feet work very hard in controlling balance in the area. They offer very little support to the feet and make the ankles wobbly from always trying to compensate. Some dresses and suits beg for stilettos to be worn with them, you can, actually, but make sure to get off them as soon as possible and change into more stable footwear.

Take Breaks from Time to Time and Stretch your Feet After

Have the time to kick off your shoes and stretch them throughout the day, the more the better. It restores severely impinged circulation in the area, tingling feet, and also lessens your chances of getting cramps. Massaging the area is also highly recommended.

Be Mindful of Posture when Wearing High Heels

One must be confident when wearing high heels as that is the primary reason for these kinds of shoes. They somehow give the wearer the aura of credence and sophistication, which are invariably lost when one slouches or have bad form. It also adds to the pressure on your feet when you slouch as they kind of are put into an unnatural position, which then makes them work doubly hard to maintain the stability and integrity in the area. Always remember to keep your shoulders back and the tummy tucked in and walk on an imaginary straight line in front of you. Bend your knees slightly when you walk, never locking them in place after every step, and sway the arms while walking to help with balance.


The everyday life of a mother is never an easy one as many challenges and obstacles needs to be hurdled if one was to be called, and measured, as truly the woman of the house. Simple things, complex things, and even silly little things do not escape their attention as every one of them has to be dealt with properly and at once, or risk everything plunging into chaos.

One such challenge is when their children have allergies. Allergies do tend to come out of nowhere and inflict damage on otherwise healthy children. The suffering caused by the sickness could be preventable if one knows what causes them. Since its summer, the time when most allergies tend to breakout, here are a list of common allergies and what causes them.

Pollen Allergy

Pollen are tiny airborne seeds that comes from plants who use them for reproduction. If a person managed to inhale them, it may cause an allergic reaction in the person’s body. Seasonal allergies like hay fever is caused by pollen and is characterized by having runny nose, bouts of sneezing, red and watery eyes, as well as nasal congestion. Prevention of allergies caused by pollen entails keeping indoors on particularly windy days during pollen season.

Yeast Allergy

Yeast allergy happens when there is either an overproduction of yeast in a person’s body, or by consumption of certain food items that contains yeast such as bread, cheese, dried fruits, etc. Yeast allergy symptom includes diarrhea, abdominal bloating, constipation, abdominal pain and heartburn among other things. It is treated primarily by oral antifungal drugs as well as topical creams. Yeast allergies are best prevented by not eating food containing a great amount of yeast as well as maintaining good hygiene.

Dust Mite Allergy

Mites are tiny bugs that lives on household dust and eats human cells shed from the body. They are commonly found in beddings, carpets and upholstered furniture. Dust mite allergy symptoms mimic that of having asthma such as wheezing and severe difficulty in breathing. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the house greatly limits the occurrence of dust mite allergies.

Corn Allergy

Corn Allergy is somewhat a rare form of allergy but it does happen sometimes, especially after the consumption of large amounts of corn. The immune system of the body thinks the corn as some kind of harmful entity and proceeds to fight it, thereby causing the release of histamines from the body which in turn causes the allergic reaction. Typical corn allergy symptoms include mouth itch, swelling of mouth and tongue, dizziness and difficulty in breathing.

Mold Allergy

Molds are fungus organisms that like to live and thrive on dark moist places. If you are having an allergic reaction but don’t really know where it’s coming from, chances are it’s because of molds. Mold allergy happens throughout the year, unlike pollen allergies which are seasonal, and is very prevalent during winter time. Its symptoms are similar to pollen allergies and are treated by basically removing the mold that is causing the allergy, as well as the taking of prescription drugs. Proper house maintenance and the elimination of damp areas in and around the house are needed to keep mold from growing.

Common Diseases of Women

The group recently had the consensus of putting together an instructional of sorts about women’s health. In it is discussed several kinds of sickness, mostly symptoms of them that is, which women has some sort of monopoly over, or tend to suffer from constantly. These afflictions are generally taken for granted much of the time that it betrays the seriousness of them.

They are the silent symptoms women generally just brush off not knowing how important they are to their health. It is then true to our goal of women empowerment that we help them be free from the things that seem to weigh them down, sickness and disease included. Here are a few examples of several illnesses that are often overlooked by women.


Many a woman suffers from this disease nowadays that it is almost taken for granted most of the time. In fact more than half of all diabetes sufferers are woman and they can thank their diet for it as everything edible today is either very overly processed or outright synthetic in nature. Silent symptoms of impending diabetes includes, but are not limited to, frequent urination, excessive thirst, sweet taste in mouth, dry mouth, blurring of vision, weight loss, fatigue, and headaches. If you happen to have more than two of these symptoms present at one time then chances are very high that you already have diabetes.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is one particularly silent killer of a disease, especially with women, as they don’t show any overtly obvious symptoms of them already happening. But there are certain things with which one may notice as out of the ordinary and they may prove to be already the signs of heart disease. Things to watch out for includes shortness of breath, feeling of heart murmurs or palpitations, frequent nausea and dizziness, profuse sweating even when it’s cold around, metal taste in mouth or dysgeusia, anxiety attacks, chest conditions such as squeezing, heaviness, pressure, and pain in the area, and also the feeling of general weakness of the body. Heart disease progresses quickly so it is of great importance that if you notice any combinations of symptoms stated above, to see your doctor the soonest possible time and get yourself checked out.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer among women has been gaining a lot of ground lately and although there is already a vaccine for the ones caused by HPV (human papilloma virus), it still is a common disease contracted by women of all ages. Typical symptoms of ovarian cancer includes, but is not limited to, abdominal bloating, pain in the abdomen, frequent bouts of constipation, constant urination, feeling of fatigue, getting full easily when eating, and increase in the size of the area of the abdomen. Ovarian cancer is also hereditary, so if any member of your immediate family has had it, chances are you are also susceptible to it.

Understanding women’s health really is never easy, but if one is generally knowledgeable about it and knows what to really look for then they have a better chance of fighting or preventing their occurrence. Everyone needs all the help they can get apparently.

INFJ and ENFJ Personality Types

Relationships can both be the boon or bane for everyone that goes into it. It has existed along with human life since time immemorial yet we seem to have not yet perfected any part of it, nor even get close to any semblance of familiarity with which we can say we are able to predict its eventual outcome.

We women play the greater role in any relationship as we are the nurturers and the bastions of strength that really makes any relationship plausible. We somehow feel how to go about with one and we also have control over many aspects of it. Ever tried letting the men take over a relationship? Yes, those creatures have the knack of ending things and they certainly can’t keep any relationships by themselves. They need us to take charge eventually.

But we also need all the help we can get with regards to relationship success. One such alley we can look at is the different kinds of relational structures according to different personality types. These things describe a person’s nuances as they gauge how well they can do if eventually matched with other types of personality.

It may intimidate at first but it’s relatively easy if you get the hang of it, and to give you an example let us take into consideration two kinds of relational pairing based on personality types: INFJ relationships and ENFJ relationships.

INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)

This personality type is often referred as the protector for its tendency to be a nurturer among other things. INFJ people have rather strong value systems and live their lives according to what they think is right rather than conform to the norm and what other people say. They are always looking inside themselves for inspiration and use intuition greatly in every aspect of their existence. They somewhat have a “feeling” for things and is generally devoted to other people they have connections with.

INFJ Weaknesses

They always hold back on themselves and are never good with money or other seemingly mundane essentials. They have extreme aversion to disputes and disagreements, and have difficulty dealing with such when faced with them. They have an exceptionally high expectation of themselves which makes them vulnerable when things don’t work out as they planned.

ENFJ (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)

ENFJ’s are “the givers” amongst the personality types. They live externally much unlike INFJ’s who focuses inwardly. They do pretty well in dealing with other people that they are the charmers of society. They naturally see what makes other people go and use it in their sincere dealings with them. They have very well developed people skills and they use it to bring out the best in people that they deal with, they are also very supportive individuals that are very happy encouraging others.

ENFJ Weaknesses

They tend to overdo their nurturing and come out as over protective and controlling on some cases. They have their attention mostly fixated on others that they forget about themselves and suffer because of it. They tend to always blame themselves when things go wrong and don’t generally accept other’s opinion when it goes against their own.

Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend

Women always tend to give their all when they are in a relationship and sometimes it can be to their ultimate undoing. One really can’t tell if the relationship will be what they imagined it to be, so giving your all opens you up to potential abuse with which you might not really be aware of, and which you really don’t deserve.

It is not the problem of how to get over someone or how to leave an abusive relationship really. Instead it is of you recognizing you already are in one and of you putting a stop to it immediately. You didn’t go into a relationship to get punished or feel uncomfortable right? So knowing the signs of an abusive partner certainly helps wake you up somehow and hopefully also makes you think if it is in your best interest to continue on with the relationship.

Here are some of the signs of an abusive partner, be guided and always be on the lookout for them.

He Isolates You

He doesn’t want you to be with other people, even your friends. He is an over controlling boyfriend who just wants you to be focused only on him and do things with only him. He gets very disappointed when you go out and have fun without him, and when you bring him with you when you go out with friends, he’ll make sure you all get a rotten time.

He is Jealous All the Time

He always finds things to be jealous about. You really can’t talk or do things with any other male person, even if the person is your friend whom you have known even before you have a boyfriend, without him getting jealous of it. You get to the point where you really don’t know what else to do to make him not mad at you. Relationships are based on trust with one another but he seems to have none of it.

Verbal Abuse

He raises his voice with you when he is upset, which was not the case when your relationship started. His pent up frustrations are released by shouting rather than standard conversations. This you have to watch out for as this is the beginning of him showing his true self. Women are supposed to be loved and pampered, not shouted at.

Breaking Objects

His seemingly violent ways towards inanimate objects, especially when done while in anger or frustration, is a big clue to what he really is. That violence towards random things may well soon translate into you and you’ll be on the receiving end of his madness. At this point you should really consider leaving, way before you get harmed or something.

Emotional Control

He controls you with fake emotions meant to show his purported sensitive side. He’ll cry his heart out the times you threaten to break up with him and it’ll get better for a while, but he will be back to his old self in no time. Learn how to read between the lines and see through him and what he really is.

There are no sure fire ways to have a good relationship, but knowing how to call it quits when you are already not contented with one takes skill as well as courage. Always remember that you are in a relationship to be happy not sad. When you are already suffering from it, don’t wait for things to get better, it’s time to get out of there pronto!

Women Can Fish

Now whoever said woman can’t fish? There are only a couple of things a woman cannot do and you can count them in one hand, fishing fortunately isn’t one of them. Gone are the days when fishing is exclusively a man’s enclave as women have been steadily gaining ground among its population. In fact women are better suited at this exercise as we exhibit better control at resisting our urges as well as an overabundance of patience, that which is typically needed to be good at this sport.

Women once upon a time with regards to fishing, was only relegated to the kitchen to clean the catch of her man, or to the factories, packing into cans the days catch, or just in charge of collecting bait for the days fishing trip, but those days are pretty much over as women take a much larger role in this sector than once was available to them.

Now there are women fisher folks that go out to sea to catch fish, out there catching lobster, herring, tuna, and any other oceanic life that you can think of. There are already women captains on boats with all male crews, women running the factories which produce canned fishes, women doing research in aquatic environments, women guarding the oceans and the seas, women everything. If they can do it, so can we, and much better at that.

If your view of women, with regards to their relationship to fisheries, as only capable of watching Pictus catfish swim around the bottom on an aquarium, then you are dead wrong in your assumptions. If you happen to have watched the show River Monsters on the Discovery Channel then you wouldn’t really be saying that women can’t catch big catfishes with their bare arms as catfish bait, as they do quite well at it, unfortunately I can’t say the same to the men who have tried it.

Fishing is defined as the activity of catching fish, simple as that. Fishing could also be described as catching any other creatures which usually inhabits the waters of the world such as mollusks, crustaceans, cephalopods and other things. It may either be through trawling, casting of big nets, casting long lines, spearfishing, or it may also be done with a simple stick and line with bait at the end.

At no point in reading the definition do people come upon a passage which says that only men are allowed to do fishing. So it is really questionable on why the large rolling eyes on the men around when a woman comes up to fish? Does it mean that when the heavens distributed fishing know-how to the earth, that only the men were awake to catch the blessings? That might not be the case once women get their minds into it.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Next time your hubby tells you that he is going fishing with his pals, surprise him by saying that you want to go too. Expect seeing some writhing around trying to explain you out from going, but try to stand firm and be serious about it. Fishing is a very relaxing thing meant to be enjoyed by everyone, you won’t regret coming.

Causes of Itching in the Armpits

If you are a lady, there is one malady or affliction which is sort of the most embarrassing of all, itchy armpits. Honestly speaking, if there is something that itches in any part of your body that even if you tried very hard to control scratching at it, chances is that you will eventually. What makes it all the more dire is when that place which is itching is your armpits, as we really wouldn’t dare scratch at that place if anyone else is around, much less in public.

Kidding aside, the armpits together with the wrists and the ankles form the three most common areas where pruritus or itchiness of the skin, forms. Besides the common causes of itchiness such as insect bites, allergies and other things, there are in fact, several conditions and diseases which have it as its symptom, they are as follows.

Axillary folliculitis

Axillary folliculitis is what happens when one or more hair follicles in the armpits become infected. It is often bacteria that are the culprit with Staphylococcus aureus being the primary suspect. It is exhibited as small pimple-like swellings that might contain pus, which usually clears itself out within days, but do also get to be rather itchy as sweat usually is prevalent in the area.


Intertrigo is when rash develops on integumentary surfaces that are also part of skin folds. It often exhibits itself in the groin area, lower body and the armpits. Itching is the main symptom of Intertrigo happening but sometimes the crusting of the skin in the area with corresponding bad odor and oozing of fluid also may happen. One common form of Intertrigo is diaper rash and contributing factors of it are a person being obese, diabetes, improper sanitation and heat among other things.

Axillary lymphadenopathy

Lymphadenopathy is the swelling of the lymph nodes of a particular area of the body. Axillary is the anatomical word used to describe the armpits, hence, axillary lymphadenopathy. Lymph nodes usually occur when there is an infection on the quadrant where the lymph nodes are present, which also is exhibited by a feeling of a small lump under the skin where the lymph node is located, itching, and general low grade numbness in left arm or right arm whichever the lymph node is located.

Tinea axillaris

Ringworms on the armpits really will get you itching in no time. Ringworm development in the armpit is very conducive as the area has unlimited moisture, a dark surrounding, and is actually the hottest place on the human body.

Axillary hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is the disruption of the sweat glands in the human body. It is most common in only three areas in the body, namely in the palms of the hand, the soles of the feet, and under the armpits. Hyperhidrosis, although not really known what causes it, is attributed to the sympathetic nervous system that is in charge with the body’s dealing with stresses such as the proverbial “fight or flight” reflexes. The excessive sweating does not really contribute to the itching but the sloughing of the skin due to too much moisture does.